Bridge Street Letterbox  LbNA # 31975

Placed DateJun 17 2007
LocationMonticello, IL
Found By The Midnight Philosophers
Last Found Jul 11 2011
Hike Distance?

ALIVE AND WELL 9/6/2009. There is a groundhog with a home nearby--you may see the groundhog on the bridge as you approach, but the groundhog's home is on the topside of the bridge itself. Don't bother him/her, and he won't bother you!

Equipment: Bring an ink pad.

Difficulty: Easy--practically a drive-by

Box Retrieval: Moderate; bring an able-bodied buddy

Interstate 72 has two exits for the town of Monticello. Choose the Bridge Street Exit and head toward town. The first left turn past the exit ramp(s) is Old Route 47. It's a dead end road, and there is a bridge at the end which periodically has a padlocked gate across it. If the gate is closed when you get here, drive up to it and STOP here, walk around the gate and across the bridge. Look for the number 19. You will need to climb down under the bridge to retrieve the box, which is directly behind 19 and above the green I-beam.

There were ATVs riding on and below the bridge while I was hiding this. The bridge itself appears safe to walk on, beware of both recreational and city traffic. If the gate is open, I do not recommend driving on this bridge, since it's not really "open" to the public and your vehicle could become locked in. The bridge is always accesible to walk (or ride) on, though. And I believe you could cross in a wheelchair, although you'll need help to retrieve and replace the box.

UPDATE: Here is an e-mail I received regarding Handicap Accessability:

"We found the number 19 and ultimately your letterbox on 9-1-08. We couldn't figure out how to retrieve it. My friend and I both need a cane to walk and can't climb cliffs. I tried to pull it up with both our canes for about 10 minutes and that didn't work. Finally, we pushed it down toward the shorter end of cement wall with one of the canes and I slid down and held onto a tree and reached out and got it. When it was time to put it back, I dropped it in the bush and pushed it back into place with a cane. Quite an adventure!! The surroundings and the bridge were quiet and beautiful. Thank you for the challenge."

This box wasn't meant to be so challenging. Please be careful during retrieval/replacement!