Jury Duty (back in service)  LbNA # 31985

Placed DateJun 13 2007
LocationLondon, OH
Planted Byhuntin-dogs    
Found By Wee Walkers
Last Found Jan 18 2008
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Jury Duty (back in service)

UPDATE AS OF 5/3/08 It is now time once again for you to serve your Jury Duty! I have recarved the somehow swiped original stamp and replanted in the same spot. Hunt on!

UPDATE AS OF 4/20/08 Your Jury Duty assignment has been temporarily delayed as the courtroom (i.e. the box) has somehow been mistaken for a geocache! You will receive notification when it is once again your turn to serve. =)

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 15 minutes round trip
Distance: Approximately 1 full city block
Please bring: stamp, stamp pad, pen, old rag to wipe stamp or hands

Start at the corner of High St. and Main St. in downtown London, Ohio. If you’ve ever had jury duty in Madison County, you know this address! This is a very public area, so please be discreet with your compass. It may be advisable to hunt this one down after regular business hours.

Start out by paying your respects to our county’s fallen soldiers. Admire the engravings and plaques, both high and low. Note the building’s fine stone work, with Lady Justice looking down on her domain. While facing our solemn soldier, spot the sycamore tree at 330*. Stroll down to that corner and take 30 steps at 60* to a white sign welcoming you to worship.

Take 20 steps at 310* back in time to 1813. This gem of an historic building also exhibits exceptional stone work as well as gorgeous stained glass.

Advance 24 steps at 40* to a “peace filled” spot.

Continue on at 40* for 35 steps to a telephone pole.

Take 56 steps at 335* to the last telephone pole at the end of the parking lot.

At 260* and 14 steps away you will see a nice white fence with a small pile of rocks at the corner. Under this pile of rocks is where you’ll need to serve your “Jury Duty”.

The owners of the fence and property are aware of this letterbox’s existence and are “honored” to house it for us. Please do not abuse the trust they have placed in us. Stamp in quietly and re-hide as found or better. Let us know if there are any problems with the box. Happy Huntin!