Fine Dining in the Treaty City  LbNA # 31986 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerTrail Otter    
Placed DateJun 17 2007
LocationGreenville, OH
Found By Wonder the Woods
Last Found Oct 22 2007
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Your search begins in the Treaty City – so named for the signing of the Treaty of Greenville, which put an end to the Northwest Indian War in 1795. The Maid-Rite diner is an institution in Greenville, famous for their unique sandwiches, delicious milkshakes, and the gross (but intriguing!) collection of chewed gum stuck to the walls. Here’s a clipping from an article that I think sums it up nicely:

“If any one place can reflect the city’s heart and soul, it is this miniscule eatery with a big attraction. From the looks of the outside, nobody in their right mind would want to eat there. This is because the deco of the exterior red brick is adorned with chewed bubble gum of a wide assortment of colors. The gum is stuck to the wall in such density that it is difficult to find a new spot to add to the “Wall of Gum,” as locals fondly refer to it. Consider it a tradition and try a Maid-Rite sandwich anyway. There’s nothing like it.”

A Maid-Rite is a loose-meat sandwich, compared to a sloppy joe without the tomato sauce. Order one with everything (mustard, onion, pickles) and it’ll set you back $1.40.

To begin the search for this letterbox, dedicated to the Maid-Rite’s decades of “Fine Dining in the Treaty City,” you must first locate the circle in the heart of Greenville. From there, drive north on Broadway. You should soon pass the red doors of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church (if you pass the courthouse, you’ve gone in the wrong direction). At the bottom of the hill, you’ll see the Maid-Rite on your right. Park in the gravel area behind the restaurant, near the picnic area. I would highly recommend that you take this opportunity to walk up and get a good close look at all of the gum that has been stuck to the walls of the building. It’s a fairly disgusting tradition, but a tradition it is nonetheless – they sandblast the building once a year, to remove all the gum, but people just keep adding to it!

If you stand at the rear of the building, facing the area where you’ve parked your car, you should see a small road that leads behind the building on your right. Walk in this direction, down the hill. You’ll pass a sign declaring the area to be the Prairie Ridge. Cross the parking lot at the bottom of the drive, in a SE direction towards 5 wooden steps. At the top of these, you will see some more steps, down this time, which lead to a wooden platform overlooking the Greenville Creek.

Follow the path, keeping the creek on your right. You’ll see an old train tressel above, which has now been turned into a walkway. Directly under this bridge you’ll see a fork in the road – take it. Just kidding…you don’t need silverware to eat a Maid-Rite! Take the path on the left, which will lead you back up some more wooden steps.

At the top of these steps you’ll see that the path continues towards a meadow. You’ll also see a concrete post straight ahead. Take the smaller path to the right of the post. Walk 18 steps to a maple on your left, and look under the rocks at its base. Keep a weather eye out for any poison ivy that may be lurking!

I would strongly suggest that you head back to the Maid-Rite, and order a sandwich and a milkshake to reward yourself for your find. Hope you enjoyed your search in Greenville – I’d like to plant a few more boxes in the area, so stay tuned!