Cody Trail: American Bison  LbNA # 32034 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerHart x6      
Placed DateJun 18 2007
LocationMcCausland, IA
Last Found Apr 1 2010
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For more information on the Buffalo Bill Homestead, check out this web site;

This is a wonderful little spot in Scott County. The entrance fee is very reasonable ($2 for an adult), however, you don't have to pay to get this box.

There are bison at this location, a great thrill for the kids -- and I must admit I can't take my eyes off of them. The Bison, so large and powerful and yet majestic and purely American.


As you enter the grounds you will see an ancient stone and wood cabin. Pull off onto the driveway that circles past this one room, dirt floor cabin.

Get out to take a look inside, walk around to the chimney -- as you stand looking at the chimney go to the left -- at the foot of the chimney there is a stone approximately 12" x 8" x 8" whose corner just about touches the chimney.

In the V between this block and the chimney is a yellowish stone about the size of my hand standing on end. This stone IS NOT attached to the building at all. Lift this stone up and there is a small hideout where a buffalo roams in a film canister.

PLEASE NOTE; this one room cabin is VERY fragile! Please respect the integrity of the building. When hiding this box I was careful not to place it in a nook in the wall or chimney. If you can't find it right away please don't go moving every loose stone you find.