The Adam's Park Letterbox  LbNA # 32073 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 19 2007
LocationWheaton, IL
Planted ByThe Riddler    
Found By Mr_Letterbox
Last Found Jul 11 2008
Hike Distance?

***The quest for the Adam's Park Letterbox begins at the Northeast corner of Adam's Park;markers are NOT provided***

I have been notified that the Addam's Park Letterbox has been missing for some time now. sorry for the delay, I'll work on replacing it as soon as possible.

Stroll to superior land just a few steps away,
where memories of Koprowski and Underwood stay.

Take a moment to sit and rest,
then direct your attention to the west.

What is that in the distance afar,
where white tree trunks and branches are?

Once there, face a structure of history,
that will tell of Wheaton's sites to see.

Go fifty paces that'll take some time,
then turn your back on BALLERSTEIN.

Traverse beyond triplets huddled together,
to a place where three women stand frozen forever.

Stride down the south path for its route is right,
before you a resting place is in clear sight.

Sit but a moment to catch your breath,
then rise up and continue left.

Perambulate into a natural, green barrier,
very close, you are, so why not be merrier?

Tread deep within to a sanguine seat,
pulling is all that remains to find the treat.

Observe the shortest and squarest bed,
nether is the key, use your head.

Notice the guide to extract the prize,
use it, tug it out, and rise.

Aha! So you've found Adam's Park's hidden treasure!
Good job, my friend, you are truly clever.

Now please return the box to exactly where it lay,
and insure the entrance is veiled in its previous way.

Thank you

-The Riddler and Friend