Nature Center Safari  LbNA # 32081 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerBlossom's Pawprints    
Placed DateJun 21 2007
LocationOakdale, MN
Found By Lewis, of Lewis & Clark
Last Found Jul 1 2010
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 16 2015

10/10/10: REMOVED FOR THE SEASON - SEE U IN 2011..

** Remember to bring a compass & bug repellent **

- Start at Oakdale Nature Preserve parking lot.
- Walk along the south trail
- Isn't that a cute little school?
- At the T in the trail, go west.
- Follow the trail to a fork in the road and veer right.
- At the next T in the trail, go north.
- Notice the beautiful field on the left.
- Breathe in the fresh air.
- Keep walking until you find "Larry".
- Have a seat and relax.
- Isn't that a trail ahead?
- The "New Trail Loop to Nature Center".
- Let's get going - follow this trail.
- Follow the winding trail.
- You'll come to the top of a small hill.
- Notice the Nature Center to your right.
- To your left is a large, fallen tree covered in moss.
- Look to the base of the tree.
- Move the piece of tree bark against the tree.
- EUREKA! You've found it!
- When you are done, continue following the trail.
- You'll reach a gray gravel trail.
- This takes you to the Nature Center.
- Hope you enjoyed your safari.