Peace, Love, Happiness & Harmony Series (4)  LbNA # 32099

Placed DateJun 21 2007
LocationNicholasville, KY
Planted Bytsjwheeler    
Found By Penguin Patrol
Last Found Sep 8 2007
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Peace, Love, Happiness & Harmony Series (4)

by tsjwheeler aka the Wheeler Family

Riney B Park: Located off the US 27 bypass just south of the Main Street, Nicholasville traffic light. Turn left onto Martin Luther King Blvd toward the aquatic center.


a- Park in LEFT parking lot in front of aquatic center.

b- Facing the aquatic center, walk down the hill on your left towards the wooden bridge. There is a well-worn trail to follow.

c- Cross the wooden bridge.

d- Take 10 paces S/SW to the manhole.

e- Turn slightly to your right and walk straight to the clump of trees in the middle of the field.

f- The prize you seek is with the 2nd tree.


a- From the Harmony letterbox location walk 14 paces S/SE towards the path of cut grass.

b- Walk 13 more paces until you come to a 'Y' in the path. Take a right.

c- Prize you seek is in the 2nd clump of trees.

a- From the Love letterbox location, walk 5 paces from the beginning of the new trail/path (WATCH OUT FOR HOLES!)

b- There are two forks (think peace sign)...take path to the furthest left (SE path).

c- Walk 60 paces on the path.

d- Locate the 'island' of 3 trees.

e- Walk NE from the disc golf 'goal'? until you see the tree with SIX trunks in one! The prize you seek is here!


a- From the #3 Happiness letterbox location: walk 13 paces SE from the 6-trunked tree.

b- Find the 'tree tunnel' to your right when following the path East.

c- Count 13 holes on left.

Please use caution when in wooded areas...bugs and animals live there. Please rehide all 4 letterboxes where you found them so the next letterboxer can find them, too!

May you and yours always have Peace, Love, Happiness and Harmony in your life!