Cutie Pie  LbNA # 32119

Placed DateJun 22 2007
LocationNewton, TX
Found By donese
Last Found May 15 2009
Hike Distance?

October 20, 2009 -- Box confirmed as missing. :(


DIFFICULTY: easy (paved walking trail in park)
RISK: low
VISIBILITY: public area....all depends on time and day

(store bought stamp this time, just for a chance of pace)


Travel to Newton, Texas, on Highway 190.

In town, still on 190, at the bridge labeled Caney Creek, you will see a park. Pull into the parking area, right near the bridge/road.

The trail is directly in front of the parking area. Start on the trail, headed towards your left.

Pass several concrete picnic table areas at the beginning of your walk.

Continue until you come to a place where the trail has several branches. There is a small pond with a fountain on your right and a picnic table on your left......take the trail to the left. (The right fork just circles around the fountain and comes back, so you might want to do that part just for fun.)

Continue on trail. Pass one bench (on your left), and then stop at the second bench (this one on your right).

At the second bench, sit at the far left end of the bench and look into the wooded area in front of you.

There is a big oak tree in line with the left end of the bench. There is a skinnier second tree in front of that oak (from where you are sitting). The box is wedged near the trunk of the big oak, between the main tree and a smaller trunk coming up right beside it.

Please be sure to wedge the box in again carefully and cover well with the log or rock or something. This area gets wet from time to time, with the creek close by, but hopefully we can keep the box trapped in place! :)

Thanks for looking and have a nice day!