Mr. Potato Head in the 1950's  LbNA # 32122

OwnerThe Christmas Elves      
Placed DateJun 1 2007
LocationLewis Center, OH
Found By BunnyBear
Last Found Apr 24 2010
Hike Distance?

Terrain: Mostly level, grassy path.
Estimated Hike Distance: 2 miles round-trip?
Confirmed in Place: 4/24/2010

Originally, Mr. Potato Head was a handful of pieces sold to a cereal company to debut as a prize inside cereal boxes. The potato was not included. In 1952, the number of pieces for Mr. Potato Head expanded to include a body, among many others, but not a potato. As with the original, the pieces could be used with a wide variety of produce. Mr. Potato Head was a television commercial pioneer in the toy industry.

You will find our version of the original Mr. Potato Head in ulAm erCek atSte raPk. From the Multiple Purpose Trail Access Area parking lot, follow the arrows straight down the trail. At the sign for the 1 mile loop, turn left. Walk until the undergrowth on both sides nearly disappears. From where the grassy path fades to soil, take 48 steps down the center of the path. At the rock on the right side of the trail, follow a bearing of 260° to a distinctive tree. Mr. Potato Head is planted at the base of the tree.

Please re-hide and cover Mr. Potato Head well before retracing your steps back to the parking lot. If you choose to continue along the trail instead of retracing your steps, you will be in for a very long hike, so please plan accordingly.

Mr. Potato Head was planted for the Columbus Cluez_In, the 2007 Great Lakes Gathering. The letterbox is on the LONG loop (not the 1 mile loop), we stopped often to investigate very tiny side trails while looking for a hiding place, and we took the long way back to the parking lot instead of retracing our steps, so we don’t have a time estimate for you. Our pedometer is less accurate on grassy trails (sometimes reporting a shorter distance on them), so we recommend taking the round-trip distance of 2 miles with a grain of salt and considering it a minimum distance if you follow the clue by retracing your steps.

We are unable to maintain this letterbox, but would enjoy hearing about your visit and your stamp design. If the letterbox is damaged, please contact us to arrange for its return. If you are a local letterboxer willing to help care for this box, please contact us.