Family  LbNA # 32125

Placed DateMay 21 2007
LocationEverett, WA
Found By Mamalovesfour
Last Found Mar 25 2008
Hike Distance?

This is in the Everett Mall. The store it is in has products that are in BOLD. (You'll see what I mean). Look behind the products in BOLD just in case we moved the box or sold out of a game! After you find the box and make your mark, show the salesperson the "Family" stamp in your book and you'll get a prize!

***Updated 7/23***
MONOPOLY, what a strange word. One and many in the same word. I'm sure if you MIX UP the SEQUENCE of letters, you would create quite the SCRABBLE. YAHTZEE is another strange word, but I'm comparing APPLES TO APPLES. Surely this is a TRIVIAL PURSUIT thinking of such a DAVINCI DILEMMA. As I see it, there is a RISK to SENIOR MOMENTS which make me then wonder about all the MAN LAWS & WOMAN RULES. MY WORD! all this thinking is make me SQUINT! My mind is so FRAZZLEd now, I feel like I'm surrounded by KILLER BUNNIES. But no worries, I'm SET here in WALLAMOPPI where I can simply SHUT THE BOX to all these odd thoughts. Now I'm really in TROUBLE, my friend NERDY WORDY has introduced me to something called SUDOKU. SORRY! But there are just too many strange words in this strange place called CANDYLAND. This PRETTY PRETTY PRINCESS is taking her WEE LITTLE PIGGIES and in 24 hours I'll be doing the CONGA and saying the magic PASSWORD "ZOOREKA" in order to get back to my home, CINEPLEXITY and away from all this HULLABALLOO. Now, just IMAGNIFF all this BALDERDASH were true. Quite the ENCORE that would be.