Indian Creek LB Series 2 Quest for the Silver Beav  LbNA # 32155

Placed DateJun 22 2007
LocationOverland Park, KS
Planted ByLarry739    
Found By sumpteretc
Last Found Aug 5 2007
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Indian Creek Letterbox Series Two
Quest for the Silver Beaver

The Indian brave dried his moist eyes and decided to find a wise one to help him get back home. He consulted the Harbinger, who told him to seek the silver beaver. The silver beaver was old and wise and had survived the changes. Maybe he would know how to get home. The young brave decided to continue down the hard path towards the rising sun. He passed trees with scribbled tablets all in a row along both sides of the path. He came close by never-ending herds of iron buffalo which roared like thunder and belched foul smelling air in their wake. At the tablet without a tree he left the trail and entered the woods. Could the silver beaver be here in the shade of the pecan? He caught sight of something strange at the base of the pecan under a pile of small sticks. He found the dreaded RED HAND, sign of war among the tribes. Could this be what happened to his people? He shrank away from this place and continued down the trail.

The brave continued down the path through the rows of trees with tablets of crooked symbols. Such a variety of trees he had never seen. The path continued through woods on both sides. Then the path made a fork. He did not know which way to go. He looked around for help from someone and entered the woods on the side of the path next to the Iron Buffalo trail. There he found a tree with many vines climbing its trunk and on the side of the tree he found an ant. The ant said: “It has been a long time.” The brave was puzzled. “do you know me and how do you know my tongue?” The ant said, “My momma taught me and her momma before her, and so on for many ant grandmothers.” The brave asked the ant, “How do I find the silver beaver?” The ant replied, “He lives where the water goes and the tree of many trunks grows.” “And which fork do I take?” asked the brave. “Follow the stream and mind the swallows, they eat ants’, replied the ant.

The brave continued down the path taking the lower fork under the bridge of smooth hard stone. The green tablet on the bridge had a symbol with two saplings and a club. The swallows nesting here in the quiet spot under the bridge flew out when the brave walked by but left him alone since he was too big to eat. On down the path the brave passed a yellow flat stick with blue stripes and strange symbols and then crossed a red iron bridge. He saw many tracks where braves had wandered around this area searching for something in the brush. The brave would have stopped to look himself but was eager to find the silver beaver and there was no tree with many trunks anywhere nearby.

The brave entered a great open space. The sun was hot overhead. In the distance he spied three red squares tilted on their ends. Could this be a sign of the silver beaver? He walked quickly to the spot. Here it was very hot and there was no shade. 20 paces behind the red squares he found a cairn of rocks. Within this cairn was the hiding spot of the son of the blazing sun. “Why are you hiding here?” asked the brave. The Son of the sun replied, “Shhhhhhh! I am hiding from the iron buffalo. Now you have given me away.” The brave put the son back and continued on the trail.

The brave passed a great yellow fort with 3 pointed towers. Then the path ran along beside a larger path before turning away into the woods and crossing the still water where the mosquitoes grew. After crossing over the water the brave heard a buzzing sound in the sycamore up the hill to his left. There he found a mosquito in the branch of the sycamore. “Come and visit me.” said the brave. The Mosquito flew down and said, “Hmmmmmmmm, tasty brave, can I feed from your neck?” “NO!!!” said the brave and he hurried on his way.

The brave continued around the bend and stopped at a gray colored sitting spot. There behind the sitting spot was an old pecan tree with an ugly scar made by the thunder fire from the sky. The long ugly scar was old. It ran all the way to the ground. There at its base the brave found a single beautiful flower. “Was the flower the spawn of the thunder fire?”, wondered the brave. Perhaps the silver beaver will know. It was so lovely the brave hated to leave.

Around the bend the brave encountered funny dressed pale riders of steel ponies. They moved fast towards him yelling “Left! Left! LEFT!!!” Such rudeness. There was a great glade filled with grass and milkweed and bright blue stumps like none he had ever seen. Around the bend was a strange square tablet held high by two posts with shiny copper tops. At its base he found a sea shell with a jewel, such treasure hidden here in this quiet spot. He imagined this was left here by strangers from far away. Maybe one of the steel pony riders had brought it here. They can travel far and fast.

The brave continued down the trail across a creek on a hard path bridge. Then he saw a confusing jumble of twisted sticks and very colorful huts. There were long ropes of steel with baskets for sitting. He sat in one and lifted his legs gliding in the wind. This was a joy and a comfort and the brave lost himself in the moment and forgot his pain for this time. Soon he was awakened by a robin hopping through the grass gathering worms. The brave followed the robin down the path past two pines and into the woods. The robin was rushing ahead and dove under the roots of a twisted oak at the end of the path behind a thorny gooseberry bush. The brave reached in and when he pulled his hand out there was a black widow spider on it. The spider startled him a bit. He exclaimed, "You are not the Robin!" The spider replied, "Things are not always what they seem."

The brave asked the spider “Where can I find the silver beaver?” asked the brave. “Not far now, brave one. Just ahead look for the tree of many trunks.” said the spider. The brave put the spider back in her hiding spot and continued down the path. As he walked along another steel pony approached and the rider 'chirped' out a cheerful twinkle as she passed the brave on the path. “Not all steel pony riders are rude.” thought the brave.

The brave wound through the woods and past giant oaks full of squirrels and passed by a larger path worn wide by iron buffalo. There were more of the square red plaques and a yellow post with marks like stacked rocks and a twisted signal tree. Then he stopped dead in his tracks. Ahead was a tree of many trunks right near the path. In the glade was a deer and he could hear the water and the hooves of many iron buffalo. He knew he was close to the home of the silver beaver.

As he approached the tree of many trunks he heard a whisper. “Come back here brave one.” The brave went around behind the tree of many trunks and there was the silver beaver snug in his bed. “Is it you great one?” asked the brave. “Indeed.” replied the beaver. “Silver Beaver how do I get home? Things are not like they were before I went to sleep with the poison arrow in my side. I am sick to get home” said the brave. “You are home, brave. Just as I am.” said the beaver. “How can this be my home?” asked the brave. “Home is where you make it.” said the beaver. He continued, “Did you not find your friend the ant? Did you not find joy in the sky with the robin? Did you not find beauty in the flower from the thunder fire tree? Did you not find wealth in the jewel of the sea shell?” “Yes“, said the brave, “but what of the red hand of war and the fear of the iron buffalo and the rudeness of these strange ones on their steel ponies?” “Do not despair of these things, brave, but seek joy in the moment. You are home, enjoy it and explore more. This trail is long and full of interesting things to see and others to meet.” The brave thanked the silver beaver for his encouragement and went on his way.