25th Anniversary  LbNA # 32161

Placed DateJun 12 2007
LocationCharlottesville, VA
Found By FL Traveler
Last Found Mar 25 2016
Hike Distance?

Kemper Park is located on Route 53, about 100 yards from Route 20. The trail is open from sunrise to sunset. Limited parking is available at the base of Route 53. This trail leads directly to the Monticello ticket office.

After the 1/4 trail marker proceed up the trail (before the first bridge) to the "Carter Overlook" sign which will be on you right. Stop here and look to your left there is a small wooded sitting area. Go to the end and sit on the bench. Sit so your back is to the pond. Look to your left for a stump. Go around the stump, just past the cedar tree and down the hill, less that 10 steps away there will be a log on its side. Box is in the end of log under pine needles.