Puppy Paws In the Park  LbNA # 32182 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 23 2007
CountySan Diego
LocationSolana Beach, CA
Planted ByGS Troop 1121    
Found By The McGuire Girls
Last Found Jul 5 2007
Hike Distance?


Highway 5. Take Lomas Santa Fe Exit. Go East on Lomas Santa Fe for 1 mile. Go left at the four way stop on Highland Drive. Continue on highland for .7 miles (do not enter upper park main entrance to your right, keep going). At the stop sign turn right onto El Camino Real. Turn right into San Dieguito Lower Park. Pay $3 at the kiosk for parking. Go to last parking lot which is circular.

Begin the hike in the cement barrier triangle off of the circular parking lot. One end of the triangle points to a large dirt trail. There is a creek bed and a dip in the road, past that on the road you came on the left is a dirt trail. This is the trail you want to take.

Hike up the main trail to the first trail branch off (there is a sign that says NO hiking, but it is really a trail). Take this trail. When you come to a fork go to the right. Go to the lookout point. Take a bearing of 300 degrees. Follow the trail in this direction. You will come to a fork in the trail, stay right. You will find a bridge which you will cross. Be careful on the bridge because there is a hazard on it. Stay to your right and cross the second bridge. You will find a small red “stay on trail” sign to your left. Put your back against the trail sign and take a bearing of 245 degrees. Walk 25 adult steps. There should be pile of rocks on your right side in front of the eucalyptus tree. Remove rocks and dig for a few inches.

Congratulations- you have found the letter box of puppy paws in the park.