Blessings2  LbNA # 32190

Placed DateJun 23 2007
LocationBranson, MO
Found By Angel Winks
Last Found Jul 31 2015
Hike Distance?

This is the second box we planted today in Branson! It is located at the Veterans Memorial site on Gretna Road, aka Bob Hope Memorial Drive, a small segment of Gretna dedicated to the entertainer who did so much for our troops through the years. As you travel down Gretna in either direction (east or west), you will see the green signs designating the stretch of road as Bob Hope Memorial Drive. You will also see the small park area on the corner of Town and Country Drive and BHMD. The park has a covered pavilion. There isn't a parking area directly at the site, but if you go a few feet east of the intersection just past the pavilion, you will see a pull-in where you can park safely. Walk to the pavilion. It's a nice memorial complete with an eagle sculpture and bronze plaques. Directly behind the pavilion is a nature area with a rock formation. As you face the formation directly behind the back of the pavilion, you will see an opening in the rocks about halfway up. The packet is placed inside that opening with a rock in front of it to keep it in place.

You can find out more about the memorial by going to Tony Orlando's site:

This is a great place to pay respects to the veterans who sacrificed so much to keep our company free!

Happy hunting!