Where They Meet - Currently Missing  LbNA # 32191 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 23 2007
LocationFort Wayne, IN
Planted ByThe Indiana Irishman    
Found By Hy5
Last Found Apr 11 2008
Hike Distance?

This box is in honor of the Michigan Mitten's birthday, and where the Three Rivers meet in Fort Wayne, IN.

Park at Headwaters Park off Clinton St.

Headwaters Park is a symbol of Fort Wayne, and named this because this is the headwaters of where the Three Rivers of this great city meet. And Fort Wayne symbolizes where the hearts of the Indiana Irishman and the Michigan Mitten meet, and where they have formed their family.

Walk along Clinton St. and in front of the Headwaters Park event pavilion. Follow the walkway between the event pavilion and the fountain to the lightpost between the two benches.

Walk 60 paces (1 step = 1 pace) to the pine trees at the base of the bridge over the St. Mary's River. Under one of these trees you will find Where They Meet.

If you would like to continue your walk and actually see where the Three Rivers Meet, cross over the bridge, take the St. Mary's Pathway to the right, go thru the Spy Run Ave. tunnel and walk until you are at the meeting place across from the water filtration plant. A plaque marker will be there with more information for you to read. Enjoy!