The Pit  LbNA # 32197

OwnerThe Scorp    
Placed DateJun 24 2007
LocationMoberly, MO
Found By TheAquaticAdventurers
Last Found Apr 6 2015
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This letterbox is located in Moberly, Missouri at the Lions-Beuth Park. This is a small park located in the heart of Moberly. This park has quite a history behind it.

In the late 1800ís Moberly had large brick operation (see plaque at the brick restrooms) due to the clay content of the soil in the area. The site of this park is the remains of one of the old quarries. The scars of the excavation can still be seen as the north and east sides of the park are now canyon walls that have been cut into the hillside.

The main attraction of this little park is the Pit. A horseshoe shaped lake that weaves through the area. If youíd like, bring your pole and fish awhile or just sit a spell and say hello to the geese that have taken up residence there. The Pit isnít too big but it is very deep and has a history that is now a thing of legend.

Around the mid 1920ís it is said that a steam shovel that was digging in the pit accidentally hit an underground spring and the pit filled up with water. Supposedly it filled up so fast that the heavy machinery had to be left behind and is still at the bottom of the pit today. That is one story. Another is that in March of 1926 the Moberly brick factory had a terrible fire and burned to the ground. The old machinery was then dumped into the pit. Either way if you do go fishing you might end up catching a piece of history.

Another unique element in this park is the bridge. The bridge is made from an old N&W railway car taken from the site of a 1986 train derailment in Sido, Mo. It was brought to Moberly to be sold as scrap but the railroad was convinced to donate it to the park and it was converted into a walking bridge in 1987. If youíre a rail-fan then this bridge is quite a treat.

Now in 2007 a new and very exciting feature has been added to the Lions-Beuth Park: The Pit Letterbox. To find it you must first find the park. If you are traveling from out of town, from hwy 63 take the Route M exit. Head west toward Moberly. A mile down you will come to a blinker at Morley street. Turn right. Another mile you will come to the National Guard Armory on your right. This is at the intersection of McKinsey St. Turn left (west) away from the armory onto McKinsey. This street eventually becomes Beuth Rd. Continue to follow until you come to Lions-Beuth Park (approx 1 mile) on your right.

Cross over the Railroad car bridge and walk west. The water will be on either side of you. Head past the Picnic area and walk towards the woods. When you get to the wooded area you will see a large flat stone embedded into the ground. Just beyond the stone is a trail that leads into the woods. Just a few paces down the trail it will split, to the right it goes up, to the left it is flat. Take the flat. Continue until you come to a T in the trail. For reference to your left should be a large white stone standing by itself and in front of you are some old stacked concrete pads. Turn right and head up the trail thirty paces (2 steps equal 1 pace). Be careful it does get muddy along here sometimes. At thirty paces you will find a small broken stump that is about knee high just to the right of the trail. There is also a path to the right but donít take it. Stay another 35 paces on up the current trail. Here you will come to old Colossus a few paces off the trail to your left. Old Colossus has a large war wound on his NE side that has healed nicely over the years. Just past Colossus the trail will fork. Stay to the better traveled path to the right. Once past the fork take the first branching trail to your right and head up hill 15 paces. Be careful the first section of this hill is pretty steep. Here you will come to another fork. Take the left fork and continue uphill another 20 paces (This section isnít nearly as steep as the last) to a fallen guardian thatís roots are facing East. For reference there is a fence about four paces east. Look around the root end of the fallen guardian to find your prize.

Please re-hide carefully. The box is only a few feet off the trail.
Please contact the placers and let us know how The Pit is doing, and I hope you enjoy the park as much as we do.