Racine Belles  LbNA # 32232

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Placed DateJun 25 2007
LocationRacine, WI
Found By Mom - Daughter Team
Last Found Mar 10 2012
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Last EditedDec 26 2015

Batter up! Hear that call!
The time has come for one and all
To play ball.
We come from cities near and far.
We've got Canadians, Irishmen and Swedes,
We're all for one, we're one for all
We're All-Americans!
Each girl stands, her head so proudly high,
Her motto 'Do or Die.'
She's not the one to use or need an alibi.
Our chaperones are not too soft,
They're not too tough,
Our managers are on the ball.
We've got a president who really knows his stuff,
We're all for one, we're one for all,
We're All-Americans!

Official Song of the All-American Girls Baseball League co-written by Lavone "Pepper" Paire Davis and Nalda "Bird" Phillips
Copyright © Lavone "Pepper" Paire Davis - 1988

One of my favorite movies is A League of Their Own. It tells the story of how the first women’s baseball league got started in 1943. It lasted until 1954. There were four original teams that made up the league that first year. They were the Rockford Peaches, Kenosha Comets, Racine Belles, and South Bend Blue Sox. Since the movie was released this piece of history has fascinated me. I have visited old ball fields, visited Cooperstown, New York, and have met and talked with former players at autograph sessions. In talking with the players, I realized that the movie does not do the league justice. These women were great ball players and were very proud of the league that they played in. Today the young softball fans across the nation can enjoy professional softball games again. In 2007, Rockford got a team known as the Rockford Thunder. They play across town at Sportscore Fields.

The Racine Belles played at Horlick Field, in Racine, Wisconsin. The field is currently being used as a football stadium. However, there is a plaque commemorating the Belles. Horlick Field is located on the corner for Memorial Drive and High Street. The Belles played in Racine from 1943 – 1950. From there, they moved to Battle Creek Michigan and then to Muskegon Michigan. They won the first ever league championship in 1943 and then in 1946.

The box is located in the parking lot directly north of the field. It is kind of a weird shaped L, as you drive into the lot, look to the far left of the lot. You will see a metal light pole amongst a tree. Park as close as you can to it. There may be people parked there so please be cautious for on lookers. The box is located under the metal cover over the base of the metal part of the pole(not on the ground). Lift the cover and you will see the box.

Please check out the other three boxes in the series. Rockford Peaches, Rockford, Illinois- South Bend Blue Sox-South Bend, Indiana- Kenosha Comets, Kenosha Wisconsin.