Lynsey's Letterboxing Birthday Bash  LbNA # 32238

Placed DateJun 22 2007
LocationBeaver Falls, PA
Planted ByChembaker    
Found By Karen1962
Last Found Sep 20 2012
Hike Distance?

To celebrate Lynsey's birthday, she had a letterboxing party where she introduced 10 friends to the sport of letterboxing. As a result, we created several letterboxes and hid them in Buttermilk Falls Natural Area (just off the Beaver Falls exit of the turnpike). See if you can find all 11 boxes! Each clue was written by the girl hiding the box (with some editing). Some boxes are close to each other, but all clues are written with the starting point of the parking lot. I have tried to group them by locale so that you do not need to start at the parking lot for each box. Please let me know if you have difficulty finding a box and I will add more details. This park is small and the farthest box is maybe 0.4 miles. (You may do some minor back tracking as several boxes are in the same vicinity.) I recommend pants (poison ivy in many places) and tennis/hiking shoes (some broken glass by the waterfall). Please bring your own ink.

To access Buttermilk Falls from the PA turnpike, get off at the Beaver Falls exit (exit 13) and bear to the left at the split. This puts you on Route 18 South. Almost immediately after merging on the road, look to the right for a brown and yellow sign for "Buttermilk Falls Natural Area". You will stay on Route 18 less than .2 miles. Turn right into the small parking area (3 parking spaces, 1 handicapped). If you approach on Route 18 North, Buttermilk Falls will be on your left just before you reach the turnpike. There is also a small picturesqe church that shares the turn-off with Buttermilk Falls...the church may be more visible than the sign as it sits up on a hill above the turn-off. It is a good landmark. (More info on Buttermilk Falls can be found in the "Buttermilk Falls, Beaver County" clue on LbNA's website.)

Dancer Girl's box-Go down the trail and up 5 steps and when you get to the fifth step turn left. You will see a rock hillside. Walk 11 "steps" toward the stream. Look in a rock cranny with a tree in it. Underneath a pile of sticks you will find something surprising.

Swimmer Girl's Box-Get on the path. Hear the water rushing. Pass a log bench on the left. Pass a sign on the right. Pass a log bench on the right. See the steps ahead. Go up 10-11 steps. On the left hand side, look under a ledge for the treasure.

Campfire Girl's box-Get on the path and go up 12 steps. Turn right and go ~10 steps. You will see several rock ledges. Climp up until you see a long sloping rock ledge that forms ~20 degree angle with the ground. Face this sloping ledge and look for some graffiti (Scott Jr.) carved in the rock. (editor's note: sorry, I hate to use graffiti as a landmark, but these ledges look very similar!) To the left of Scott's name are 2 skinny trees (3-4" in diameter) in a break in the ledge. Approximately 3' to the left of these trees, look for an upside down "V" in the rock. At the time of hiding, there was also a long skinny broken branch in front of this "V" will find your treasure here.

Beach Girl's box-Walk past 2 benches, go up 12 steps. At the top of the 12th step, turn to the left and walk 7 steps. Turn right, walk 6 steps and check under a big rock near a skinny tree. There you will find a treasure!

Camikaze's box-Go down the trail and up 12 steps. On the right you will notice a rock landing. Go up 1 more step and notice a pile of rocks next to the stairs on the right. The box is behind the large rock closest to the stairs. It is easier to reach the box if you turn right onto the rock landing access the rocks from there.

Monkey Queen's box-Go down the trail and you will see steps ahead. Go up 12 steps. At the 12th step, turn right, notice a moss-covered rock platform. Step onto this platform and notice a skinny maple tree leaning on a skinny, half-dead oak tree about 5 paces away. Carefully walk between these 2 trees (watch out for poison ivy on the ground...feel free to get to this same place by skirting the ivy). Stop after passing through the tree "upside down V". Notice a large sloping boulder ~3 paces away. Take 5-8 paces and stand on the flat spot of this boulder. On your left, notice a cleft in the rocks where 2 boulders come together to form a 90 degree angle. In this corner, notice a pile of dead leaves. Hmmmmm...

Flowerlove's box-Go down the trail and up the 12 stairs. Turn right and follow the line of several felled trees with fungus. At the end of the last tree, walk toward the rock ledges. The trunk of a dead tree ~6 feet long points to the hiding spot in the rock wall.

Ring Girl's box-Go down the trail and up 12 stairs. Stop. On the left you will see a foot path that heads toward the stream. Turn to the right so that your back is to this path. Your treasure is dead ahead, but up. From this point, you might be able to spot a tree growing in front of a small alcove ~60 feet from the trail (don't worry if you can't see it yet). Take ~10 steps toward the rock ledges (watch for poison ivy at your feet). Notice that the boulders form 3-4 sloping lines. Climb up 3 ledges. The tree of interest is in front of the top most ledge. This tree (not oak or maple...beech??) grows about 3" from the rock face...In this space, under several dead leaves and a few rocks, you will find Ring Girl's box.

Rain Storm's box-Head down the trail. Pass 2 benches. Go up 12 steps then 5 more. Take 12 steps then turn right. Take 11 steps. Look to your left and notice two trees. Under some branches between the two trees you'll find my treasure.

Butterfly Girl's box-Go down the trail and up 12 steps. Take a right where the 3 rail fence begins. Go 18-20 steps. On the left, notice a tree split 3 ways. To the right of the tree are 3 big rocks. Face the middle rock and look for a treasure under the right corner farthest away from you (Northeast corner).

Fisherina's box-Go down the trail and go up 12 stairs then 5 more. You will see a 3-rail fence on the left. Turn right where this fence begins and walk 100-110 paces on the path. You will walk across some rock ledges, then the path will get skinnier. The counted steps should take you to a place where there is an old fallen branch on the right edge of the path (NOT an old tree ACROSS the path...the fallen tree is too far). Stop at the dead branch and look to the left to see 2 parallel trees growing out of a large boulder. There is a crevice underneath the lower tree and a pile of sticks in front of this crevice. Hidden in this crevice is Fisherina's treasure.

This is the last box, but you should follow the main path to it's end at the larger waterfall. Older kids (and adults) might enjoy climbing the rocks up to the church. Be careful of the broken glass, though. Unfortunately, it seems that some people have found sport in throwing glass bottles from the railroad bridge against the rocks.