Town Forest Mystery  LbNA # 32240

Placed DateJun 23 2007
LocationCumberland, ME
Planted By3 mates & 1 captain    
Found By seagull
Last Found Sep 17 2011
Hike Distance?

Start at the Cumberland Town Forest
behind Town Hall on Tuttle Road off Route 9

Walk through the red pine forest
where the red pines are all in rows
pass the buttercups, try not to trip on a root

You will pass the number one then the number two
Have a root kick you

Follow the trail and you will find
a bridge where the trolls hide
(cross the bridge if you dare)

You will come to the number three
walk over the little bridge
the third bridge is just ahead,
so new a troll doesn't live there yet

Count 20 steps from the end of the bridge
(16 adult steps)
look right and you will see 4 logs on the ground

Look between the large 3rd log and the small 4th log
Under the twigs you will find a surprise,
the letterbox in it's hide.