Long Ridge UMC  LbNA # 32242

Placed DateJun 22 2007
LocationDanbury, CT
Planted Byhikermiker    
Found By Rysha
Last Found Jul 30 2012
Hike Distance?

Long Ridge United Methodist Church Letterboxes

From the intersection of Long Ridge & West Redding/Old Lantern Roads in Danbury proceed 0.1 mile N on Long Ridge Road. Turn Left at sign for church. If this road is blocked proceed N & turn Left just before sign for Long Ridge Library. Park in the lot by the church.

These boxes are not too hard to find.

Find the date 1840 on the church building. Since this is the date the church was built, one might expect to find it on a cornerstone. Without stepping into the garden but while facing the date, turn left and observe a large wooden cross. Take 38 steps to the cross. Just beyond the cross is a corner of a stone wall. LRLB# 1 is on the stream side of the corner.

From the cross, facing the stream turn left and walk 10 steps along the wall until you find a large, flat rock suitable for sitting. LRLB#2 is on the stream side of this rock.

LRLB # 3 is a bit more difficult to find. First you must walk back to the church and find the date 1820. This is the year the congregation was formed. You will also be able to see the service times. You may want to make note of the time, you will always be welcome here. Facing 1820 without stepping on the porch, turn right and take 6 steps, then turn left. Take 8 more steps (this is a tight squeeze). Box 3 is under the porch at an opening. You will have to stick your hand in a dark opening you cannot see into. There may be critters here. Be careful.