Fox Park Hide and Seek  LbNA # 32250

OwnerThe Scorp    
Placed DateJun 24 2007
LocationMoberly, MO
Found By Yippee
Last Found Aug 8 2009
Hike Distance?

This box is located in Fox Park in Moberly. It is themed on my favorite childhood Disney movie, The Fox and the Hound. In the movie a young orphaned fox named Tod befriends the most unlikely of creatures; a hound dog puppy named Copper. The two gallivant through the forest playing hide and seek and swear to be best friends forever. (or as the kids say today BFFs) It’s a charming tale of how hatred is not something we are born with but it is a learned trait. It is a simple movie with a strong message that I highly recommend seeing with your children.

Right now Tod is wanting to play hide and seek like he did as a young kit with his friend Copper. He is already in his hiding place, and it is up to you to seek him out. The following clues will help you on your quest.

First to find Fox Park, if you are traveling from out of town from hwy 63 take the Route M exit and travel west toward Moberly. A mile down you will come to a blinker at Morley street. Turn right. Another mile you will come to the National Guard Armory on your right. This is at the intersection of McKinsey St. Turn right (East) onto McKinsey. The second street on your right will be Russhaven St. Turn right on Russhaven and Fox Park will be just up a bit on your left.

Park and head to the SE corner of the park toward the woodline. There will be a worn but narrow trail leading into the woods just to the north of the actual corner of the mowed area of the park. From the head of the trail start counting paces (2 steps equal 1 pace).

Count 30 paces and you will come to the Arch. At the Arch the trail will fork, take the right fork. 5 paces more it will fork again, but this time go left.. Walk off 20 more paces down this trail and it turns due east. From here the trail is less worn and a little over-grown so watch your step.

27 more paces you will find that some trees have fallen over the path. A makeshift trail has been started to your left and quickly heads east around the fallen trees. From these fallen trees take a compass reading of 25 degrees. Approx 10 paces from here notice the 5 long fingers that stretch out over a makeshift trail. It’s at the base of these fingers that you will find Tod’s hide and seek foxhole.

Please remember to hide Tod back better than you found him. He really enjoys playing hide and seek and it would be a shame for him to miss out on future games because he was wasn’t placed back with care.

Also please feel free to tell me how you liked the hunt in the logbook. It always feels like a bonus to read the logbook from front to back when there are good stories.