Morrill Public Library Letterbox  LbNA # 32251

Placed DateJun 25 2007
LocationHiawatha, KS
Planted ByLibrarian    
Found By BuncoQueen
Last Found Aug 25 2014
Hike Distance?

This letterbox lives in the stacks at the Morrill Public Library, 431 Oregon Street, Hiawatha, Kansas. It is an indoor box and is accessible only during library hours. The library hours can be found on our website

The letterbox was created in 2007 in honor of our summer reading theme “Get a Clue @ the Library!” The Library hosted a letterboxing workshop so families could learn about the hobby, design a stamp, and make a letterboxing journal.

To find the box, come to the Library and look up “Letterboxing” under a subject heading search on the computer catalog. Find the Dewey decimal number, and you’ve found the box’s location!

Please return the letterbox it to its place on the shelf when you have finished with it, and then take some time to enjoy your visit to the Library (have a look at our gorgeous grandfather clock!!) and the city of Hiawatha . . . “The City of Beautiful Maples.” Free visitors' maps of Hiawatha are available from the brochure rack opposite the circulation desk.