The Ole Swimmin' Hole  LbNA # 32285 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 24 2007
LocationBuck Meadows, CA
Planted ByMama and the Chicks    
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Hike Distance?

Wheelchair access: no
Drive-by: yes
Hand-carved stamp: yes

This box has been moved! See new directions below.

This is a famous local swimming hole on the South Fork of the Tuolumne River: Rainbow Pool. It has a large waterfall and a cliff which usually boasts a line of daredevils waiting to jump. Trout are stocked and fishing is especially good from 9:00 to 10:15 on summer mornings. Weekends can get pretty crowded in nice weather, complete with tailgate barbecues in the parking lot.

From Yosemite, after you pass Cherry Lake Road, watch for a bridge (#32-35) over the South Fork of the Tuolumne River. After you cross the bridge, immediately turn left down a dirt road. Park when you can.

Coming from Buck Meadows, drive 2.8 miles from America's Best Value Inn and/or 2.6 miles from the Tuolumne/Mariposa county line sign. When you see the sign to Cherry Lake Road, prepare to turn RIGHT. Your turn is immediately BEFORE the bridge (#32-35) over the South Fork of the Tuolumne River. Park when you can.

Find the four brown benches near the concrete steps. Sit a while, look around, and enjoy the beautiful maple trees and glimpses of the pool.

Now, going away from the parking lot, walk 21 paces towards the intersection of the two paths. There is an oak tree(#1) on your right. Walk ACROSS the path to oak tree #2. Now, going uphill on this path, see the 4 big rocks, on your right, along the path. Go to the 3rd rock from oak tree #2. Behind the 3rd rock you'll find another big rock.
There are a few small rocks piled on the side-look under these. (Thank you, Stephanie, for moving the box and providing these directions. Previous location was guaranteed poison oak-free. I have not seen the new spot, so watch for poison oak.)

Please be careful about revealing and rehiding this box, since it is near a heavily used path. Cover it with LARGE rocks, please, and don't leave any plastic bag sticking out.

In addition to your stamp, please sign your trail name, city and the date in our notebook. We'd appreciate an e-mail, too!

Happy Letterboxing!