Wishing Stars  LbNA # 32291

Placed DateJun 24 2007
LocationReidsville, NC
Planted ByDaisy Girl    
Found By rumblestrip
Last Found Aug 7 2007
Hike Distance?

Begin at the Jaycee Park. For excercise, begin your journey at the fourth station. Proceed along the path away from bouncing balls and tall fences. Enjoy the cool shade as you follow the snake-like trail. To be sure you are going in the right direction, look for "Rhoda" and her friends. Continue on your journey past the broken and mushroom covered woodsman. As you go on, you will pass an emerald place of rest, take your leave and enjoy the rustle of the trees. When you are refreshed, continue on your path. Next you will find a tall and majestic "cave" that may serve as home to a rabbit and hobbit alike. Soon you will begin to decend towards your reward. On your left, you will find three woodland sisters. When you have found them, stop and look to the treetops straight ahead. There you will find a reminder of Thanksgiving "wishes" past. Travel to the base of this "wishing" tree and search behind. There you will find five stars to wish upon.

Please cover the treasure well when you have finished so that others can enjoy the same.