Africa #3  LbNA # 32300 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 28 2007
LocationTravelers Rest, SC
Planted ByThreeBoxers    
Found By RockyMtnHigh
Last Found Jul 30 2007
Hike Distance?

Use this website to answer these questions about the people and culture of Guinea.
Once you've answered the questions, you'll know where to go.

1. All members of the Malinke society are given farming tasks. Who are responsible for guarding the fields against wild boar, monkeys, and birds? (1st letter is the 11th letter of the clue)

2. What is an important drink to the Malinke people, esp. the men? (1st letter is the 9th letter of the clue).

3. During which ceremony do the young girls stay secluded for about 2 weeks while they are taught Malinke values after their surgery? On our second night in Africa we could hear drums beating in the distance all night long. The next day we found out it was a celebration because this ceremony was being performed on several girls from the village. (3rd letter is 6th letter of the clue)

4. What is the formal name of a Malinke witch doctor? Every village has one and the people believe he can heal you or hex you. (1st letter is the 4th letter of the clue)

5. Malinke villages were interesting. Huts were made of sun baked bricks mixed with animal dung. What were the African huts always centered around, which was the gathering place for the whole clan? (5th letter is the 10th letter of the clue)

6. The Malinke people gained popular attention when what book was made into a television series? (5th letter is the 18th letter and 7th letter of the clue)

7. The majority of Malinke were Muslim and worshiped in a what? (2nd letter is 16th letter of the clue)

8. What great empire are the Malinke descendents of? (1st letter is 3rd letter of the clue)

9. What famous city was part of that thriving empire? We didn't live too far from here! (4th letter is 14th letter of the clue and 8th letter is 17th letter of the clue)

10. A suitor must make several payments of a bride price to the parents of the bride. This sometimes included cattle, spices, cloth, and what kind of nut? (3rd letter is 12th letter of the clue)

11. When a man or a woman wants to dress up, they will wear a long flowing robe or dress called a grand what? (the 3rd letter is the 2nd letter of the clue)

12. What African dish is made of pounded millet and peanut sauce? (the last letter is the 1st letter of the clue)

13. Muslim parents do not think it is important for whom to get an education? (3rd letter is 13th letter of the clue and the 5th letter is the 15th letter of the clue)

14. What do Malinke farmers grow as cash crops other than cotton? (2nd letter is the 5th, 8th, and the last letter of the clue)

Now you should know where to go. Park far away from the pool in the back corner. One side of the lot has big decorative rocks spaced at intervals. Go to the opposite side where there is only one big decorative rock. Walk to the rock and look in the hollow tree behind it. Be sure and email me when you find it!