The Seat of Solitude  LbNA # 32348

OwnerCaribbean Dreams    
Placed DateJun 29 2007
LocationTown of Erin, WI
Found By Seek First
Last Found Jun 5 2016
Hike Distance?

This box is just a little Northwest of Holy Hill Shrine Church. Most of it goes on the Ice Age Trail. The total hiking time is about 20 minutes.

To reach the site, take highway 41/45 to Holy Hill Road. Go west on Holy Hill Road toward Holy Hill church, about 9 miles. Go past the entrance to the church until you get to highway K. This is the first intersection past Holy Hill, and it is a 4 way stop. Turn right on Hwy K going North. Drive for .6 miles until you see the first road, called Shannon Road. Turn right (East) on Shannon and continue until the road turns sharply to the right, then left. Just then you will see a rustic parking lot on the right (South) side of the road. Park there and proceed walking the trail marked blue until it intersects with the Ice Age Trail. Go right on the Ice Age Trail.

Continue on, crossing a little bridge. Further on, you will see some pines, and begin climbing a large lovely hill. At the top of the hill, you will find the Seat of Solitude. Sit and enjoy the beautiful view.

To locate the box,. carefully walk approximately 120 paces due North from the Seat of Solitude down the hill.These paces should take you to an old stone fence. Look in the rocks in the fence, and you will find what you seek!
(added on: As you walk down the hill, go slightly to your right. As you go down the hill, there will be a stand of pines on your right. Stay about 10 feet to the left of these pines. The box is in the stone wall covered by a very large piece of bark, and there is a large dead tree on the other side of the wall that is slightly to the left of it. Also, the box is just in front of a fence post that has a small, round, ceramic electrical insulator on it.)
If you get the time, please let us know the condition of this box. Thanks!