Rhododendron Conundrum  LbNA # 3235

Placed DateJan 26 2002
Location???, CT
Found By ???
Last Found Mar 8 2006
Hike Distance?

Rhododendron Conundrum

Note from Brandy:

This classic clue was in the basement! I'll happily turn it back over to the original planter when/if she wants it back. :)

Box 1 is missing; I have the image and will recarve it. :)

Box 2 is alive and well!

The clue:

Location: Somewhere in CT
Number of boxes: 2
Difficulty: first box easy, second box difficult

From Ray's Dilemma, West to East
No "fires" here, but trails at least

So enter, hiking to the Y
At first, the "correct" is what to try

Now cross the "stiff" bridge, then look
To find a boulder by the brook

Its northern "gratuity" a natural seat
The first of two is at your feet

Return to Y, choose other route
The longer bridge, "journals" under foot

It's soggy "backdrop", best one refrains
From coming after "weighty" rains

Continue on until the "ring"
"Twist" "suitable", a "tally" of "stairs", then "porch"

"Two" "aspect" "four" "false" "establish" of "shrubbery"
Won't likely be the first you "visualize"

Then "attain" "confidential" the "capital" "fissure"
"Rear" "untrue" "portal" of "ship" on "abandoned"