The Brisk Night  LbNA # 32350

Placed DateJun 29 2007
LocationBoggstown, IN
Planted Byletterboxlover11    
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In Boggstown Cemetary.

Directions: From 65 south take Greenwood exit.
Go East. This will be Rocklane rd., E. Main st., or 525.
Take this road for about 15 minutes. At the very end
of Main St. you will come to a "T". Turn right
onto 825 S. At the four way stop (+) turn left
on 400 north. Pass a spooky mansion on your right
and you are heading in the right direction.
Travel under a tunnel of trees. Pass over a bridge. Immediatly take a right onto London Rd.
after you pass the bridge. On this
road look at the red mill which was built
in 1821. Next pass an ancient,
unnamed cemetary... but this is not the
Boggstown cemetary so keep going.
The next cemetary to your right is the
Boggstown Cemetary.

Clues: When you get to Boggstown Cemetary
take the 2nd entrance (under the sign.) Park
by the large tree to the left. Look to your
right and spot two large pines. Please don't
bother the graveyard dog. This is his home. Between
these trees you will spot a tree in a bush. Anorus
is watching The Brisk Night in the nook of this