The Biggest Billy Goat Gruff Takes on the Troll  LbNA # 32369

Placed DateJun 29 2007
LocationMansfield, CT
Found By Gingergirl84
Last Found Aug 12 2017
Hike Distance?


Make your way to the Recreation Area of Mansfield Hollow State Park on. You may park in the lot near the road and continue walking into the park on the paved road, or drive down the paved road and park further in. Watch for those Billy Goats eating the green green grass of the meadow!
Once you are parked find the red trail near the concrete bathroom building. Follow the red trail into the woods until it begins to come back toward the road. As you get near the road look for a large pine tree with some dead looking branches that have drooped toward the ground. To the right of this pine tree is part of an uprooted tree lying on the ground pointing toward the road. Under some leaves and the roots of this tree you will find the Biggest Billy Goat and his nemesis! You will be very visible from the road. Please take the box to a more secluded spot to stamp in and hide well when done!
If you reach the point on the trail where it crosses the road you have gone too far. Turn around and look for the fallen bald tree that has been cut to clear the path. From this tree walk 13 paces (left foot only) back in the direction you were going and look on the left for the billy goat's hiding place.
Continue on the trail or head back to your car.
*****Watch out for poison ivy!!!!********
This box may also be found as a drive-by by parking in the turn around on Bassetts Bridge Road, between the boat launch and the recreation area on the same side of the road. Park here and look for the fallen bald log mentioned above and follow the clues.