Soaring Cadet  LbNA # 32371 (ARCHIVED)

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Placed DateJun 29 2007
CountyEl Paso
LocationColorado Springs, CO
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Last Found Jun 27 2008
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Soaring Program

The Academy Soaring Program is designed to allow cadets to receive their first hands-on experience in a flying environment. The 94th Flying Training Squadron flies over 30,000 sorties a year, making it the largest and most active soaring operation in the United States. Sailplane training is designed as a leadership and motivational experience. These aspects are enhanced by the fact that 95 percent of the training in sailplanes is conducted by qualified cadet instructor pilots.

Basic soaring training includes instruction in the LET Blanik TG-10B glider. After approximately 10-15 flights, depending on the cadet's level of proficiency, they may be qualified to fly solo. The basic soaring course trains approximately 600 sophomore cadets annually.

Additionally, each year approximately 60 cadets are chosen to enter a semester-long instructor pilot upgrade course. Upon graduation from the upgrade course, cadets earn the coveted “G-wings” and become qualified instructor pilots in the TG-10B. For those cadet instructor pilots that excel, advanced soaring courses offer the opportunity to train in the LET Blanik TG-10C (aerobatics) or the LET Blanik TG-10D (cross-country). Advanced soaring cadets routinely compete in regional and national aerobatic and cross-country competitions.

Directions to the Ackerman Overlook:

Traveling South on I-25, go to the Scenic Overlook at mile marker 152 (the entrance to the overlook is actually right before the mile marker). From this Overlook on the West side of the interstate, you can enjoy the activity on the Air Force Academy airfield. Especially in the morning hours, it’s common to see parachuters and gliders traveling behind yellow tow-planes.

Directions to Letterbox:

Park to the far left (South) of the overlook parking. As you walk south of the gravel lot, into the area of trees, be sure to stay on the east side of the barbed wire fence. The other side is the property of the U.S. Air Force; please do not trespass! You will see two boulders next to each other and a tree with overhanging branches just to their east. Sit on the eastern boulder facing the interstate. Now, look to the left (north). You will see a tree that is growing toward the SW sky. On the NE side of the base of this tree, under sticks and pine needles, you will find what you seek!

PLEASE REHIDE WELL. Unfortunately, there is much trash in the area—evidence of less-than-respectful activity from some visitors. Please bring a couple of plastic bags; use one a a glove to pick up trash to carry out in the other bag.

At times, this can be a very busy overlook with many tourists; PLEASE BE DISCREET WHILE SEEKING AND REHIDING. The best place for stamping will probably be your car or while sitting on the boulders. This letterbox contains a logbook and stamp only.