Sweet Stag  LbNA # 32399

Placed DateJun 30 2007
LocationMinneapolis, MN
Found By Eagle Eye
Last Found May 9 2008
Hike Distance?

***This one was muggled unfortunately. I have returned to the area and placed a temporary letterbox in its place. The stamp is an M for Minnehaha in the shape of a stag's head. The container is small. The hiding spot is tricky--you wouldn't believe how hollowed out this tree is. But if you twist your arm up and to the back to the right as far as you can, you should be able to grab it with your fingers.

Once upon a time there was a young lady struggling to find her niche in this world. She took a job at St. Joe's for she loved to work with children, and a continual stream of kids in crisis flowed through the shelter. Some stressful nights she would get off work and be particularly keyed up. So she would climb in her SUV, and instead of turning left to go home, she'd turn right. She'd drive .5 miles to the 2nd light and turn right again. She'd travel along this street .7 miles and turn left into a park. She'd follow the driveway till she saw a park bench to her right. She'd park and stroll over to the bench with the inscription "In Loving Memory of Bonnie Leitner" and sit and watch the sailboats dot on the water in the light of the moon.
Then she would rise and follow along the path with the lake to her right. She passed canoes and a refreshment building with a giant cola. She kept going. The path would pass the beach and playground and Dr. Suess trees and a double bridge and a high crooked hitching post. She'd breeze by the shoreline wall, huge weeping willows, an old-fashioned green pump with chained posts, enormous stumps on the beach...She'd listen to the rumble of the rushing-by planes. Before she came to the road bridge, there was a swampy area.
If you have followed her steps this far, you should be able to find to your left an impressive maimed octopus tree. Look for the hole facing away from the trail. Be careful not to be seen looking. There's a tunnel at the top of this hole. The letterbox should be here. This is a very conspicuous spot so PLEASE take care to plant it back up in that hole and cover it well. Do it when no one is around...and thank you for visiting my very first letterbox. To you purists out there--I apologize for the stamp!