Gather Your Rosebuds While You May  LbNA # 32416

Placed DateJun 14 2007
LocationClaremont, MN
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Once upon a time there was a wee blonde girl with pigtails and a love for adventure. In spring a young girl's fancy turns to...well, something a little more pathetic and distracting like being twitterpainted. She pined for him in her diary and sent an anonymous valentine, but was too shy to declare her love to the boy. He was the first lad she had ever adored, and indeed it was a wonder that boys could turn out to be as loveable as ponies and books. Somewhat disillusioned, this young girl thought that love was eternal and wanted a symbol of this very special and wondrous feeling. So on a whim one day at dusk, she carved their initials on a tree, then wandered along this exact route....

1. Start at Highway 56 and 585th Street. Go left/west to the dirt road of 160th Avenue. At the time of the carving there was an old abandoned farmstead amidst the trees and blackberry bushes. Alas, someone set fire to the house a few years back.
2. Visit the tree with two decade old initials. It is in the middle of the field, closest to the road, next to a bushy trunk.
3. Follow the dirt road south. It will come to a 4-way but keep going straight. You'll pass a brown house on the right. This house usually keeps their Christmas decorations out year-round, but they also have decorative old farm machinery. Go over the bridge then take a quick right. You have now entered my favorite nature preserve (a.k.a.: Private Partyland, for it's hard to get the place to yourself despite its out-of-the-way locale).
4. Follow the dirt road around the curves till it deadends at the water. Off to your right will be a white sign saying: "No Motorized Vehicles Permitted." Ditch your motorized vehicle.
5. Pursue the deer path along the right side of the lake. When the trail starts to turn left around the bottom of the lake, you will see a stand of scruffy but stately coniferous trees ahead of you. Wind your way into this underbrush till you see a dead tree broken about 15 feet up the trunk. Look at the base of a stump next to this tree and you'll find a cannister....

I would like to add that at the time of hiding this letterbox, I was besieged by a malevolent reunion of rednecks who set hound dogs on me. I barely escaped with my life. I only hope the letterbox remains unscathed and undetected.

Thank you for following me down memory lane.