Ent  LbNA # 32417

Placed DateJun 30 2007
LocationMillersburg, MO
Planted ByJalopy    
Found By Kirbert
Last Found Jun 14 2008
Hike Distance?

Please bring your own ink.

The Ent letterbox is found at Little Dixie Lake, Millersburg, MO between Columbia and Fulton. From I-70 exit 137, go south on J and look for the signs. The lake is to the east of J a few miles south of I-70. There are access parking lots all around the lake, from state roads J and RA, and county roads 246 and 230.


Clues to the Ent Letterbox:

Ents are the tree shepherds in The Lord of the Rings. Several of their flock will guide you to this letterbox.

Access the lake from a road with a fish hook for a name. A large inverted shallot guards the lane with an entish name. It rhymes with “Sneezy folk”.

East of the parking lot is lawn. South of them both is a meadow. The trails around and through this meadow are marked with 4 sign posts. Find the one with this on one side:


Follow the “B” arrow 30 paces or so. Find a bird house and sign post #26. Between them is what reminds me of a thong tree, although I believe it’s the effect of the cedars rather than the work of Indians. This tree has a long trunk, but it never got off the ground.

Take the thong tree’s direction to a double fork in the trail. You take the one road and I’ll take the other road (and I’ll be in Scotland before you.) You won’t hear the cats’ meows, but you may see their tails.

At the trail’s first dip, stand on the white rocks looking North East until the shaggy ent is hidden by his smooth barked cousin. Turn 180 degrees and walk uphill through the cedar grove.

The letterbox is held by 2 cedar trees sharing one stump. They are closely watched by a tree of a different leaf.