The Oggys: Super Boggy  LbNA # 32441 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerJoyful Explorer    
Placed DateJul 1 2007
LocationDavennport, IA
Found By Dancin' Darlins
Last Found Oct 29 2007
Hike Distance?

To get to Nahant Marsh from Davenport, go west on River Drive for a long ways until you get to Concord Street and turn left. (Super Boggy was resting on a log in the middle of the pond with his friend turtles when noticed that the pond was shrinking.) You will go over train tracks, and then a little ways after that turn right onto Wapello Ave. (Super Boggy looked up and saw Evil Nine Year Drought standing at the edge of the pond. All the turtles gasped and jumped into the water.) There is a sign saying to turn for Nahant March, but it's small, and we missed it the first time. (Super Boggy rose up and bellowed, "Evil Nine Year Drought, you will not dry up this pond! The creatures of these waters will not permit it!) Once you turn onto Wapello Ave, you will drive a little and then right after the train yards, turn right into the parking lot for Nahant Marsh. (Nine Year Drought cackled evilly and the ground all around him started to dry up and crack. Even the tree leaves started to turn brown and sickly.) Park by the sign. (Then Super Boggy's friend, Mikey the Mouse [his story coming later] appeared from a log. Super Boggy yelled to him, "Mikey! Go and tell Chief Blackhawk to run here as fast as he can with his brave warriors to fight this terrible drought.)

From here you can either climb over or through the gate, like us, or be smart and look for the opening in the fence to your right. (Then Evil Nine Year Drought blew his breath across the pond at Super Boggy. But Super Boggy was too quick for him and fell [plop!] into the water. Unfortunately, Evil Nine Year Drought's powers were strong, and the pond was quite small already.) Once through, there is a path into the woods. Follow this, not the road, and walk along the fence on your left until it stops. Stop. (Super Boggy took a mouth full of water and sprang out of the water. He spit the water at Evil Nine Year Drought. Evil Nine Year Drought yelled when the water hit him [it evaporated with a hiss] but it wasn't enough to really hurt him.)

Take the same number of steps as there is years of drought. (All of a sudden, Mikey the Mouse and Blackhawk showed up. Super Boggy yelled, "Evil Nine Year Drought is here, but you know what to do!") To your right you will see a tree with the same number of trunks. (Blackhawk and his warriors nodded and started to dance in a circle, chanting. Evil Nine Drought looked at them in alarm. "What are they doing?" he asked nervously. Super Boggy smiled. "A rain dance.") In the group of five trunks Super Boggy is taking a nap. (He is really tired since he and Blackhawk forced Evil Nine Year Drought to run away when it started to pour down rain.) Note: Be careful, I noticed some poison ivy and nettles around the area. You shouldn't have to get into it, but be careful anyways. (Oh, and Super Boggy is supposed to be a pile of mud in case you can't tell when you stamp it.)