Superhero Series #8: Guy Gardner  LbNA # 32496 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 1 2007
LocationBeaverton, OR
Found By Iron Blosam
Last Found Oct 4 2009
Hike Distance?

In memory of Hal Jordan (SH #4). The Corps live on!

Find SW Sapphire Drive, off Murray Blvd. in Beaverton. Travel down this road until you can drive no further. At that point, park and continue on foot to the real end of the road. Sometime in the future, the City of Beaverton will be extending this road. I guess at that point I'll have to move this box. Though, I think Guy is safe for a while :)

Facing the beaver, head to your left 13 paces from the end of the pavement. You should be very close to twin guardians at the entrance to a secret passage. Stand between them and then count 21 paces down this trail. Stop here and look to your left. Approximately 13 paces off the trail there is a fallen log. Guy Gardner as made a lair within the right end of this log.

Please re-hide this box well, using bark and other debris to cover up the hole where it is stashed.