Crowe's Gulch  LbNA # 32521 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 30 2007
CountyEl Paso
LocationManitou Springs/Colorado Springs, CO
Planted ByC5 guy & crew    
Found By karate hiker
Last Found Nov 29 2007
Hike Distance?

1. Take US 24 West from Colorado Springs towards Manitou Springs.

2. Exit at the Pikes Peak Highway.

3. Drive along the Pikes Peak Highway, you'll pass a Rock shop on the left. Take a gentle left, and follow the signs to Santa's North Pole Village Amusement Park.

4. Just past the North Pole, there will be a fee gate to Pikes Peak. If you haven't been to the top, it's a fantastic drive and worth the price of admission. If you're only interested in finding the box, tell the fee collector you're going no further than the Resevoir. The fee should be only $4 to do this.

5. Follow the Pikes Peak Highway to sign #4-Columbine. There is a small parking lot to park the car as well as restrooms and a picnic area. It is clearly marked CROWE'S GULCH, and is not quite within the boundries of the Pike National Forest.

6. From the parking lot, hike up the trail.

7. You will take a left when the trail splits. Hike up this steep trail to the sign that says "Overlook".

8. Hike up the "Overlook" trail. It is very steep.

9. At the top, look for the rock that resembles a Tiki Head.

10. Go behind the "Tiki Head" rock to the flat tabletop rocks. The box is hidden under the largest flat rock.

Box has a notepad, inkpad & stamp. Please re-hide the box and wrap it up in the ziplock baggies to prevent water damage. Total hike is less than 1/4 mile, but there is a longer trail you can hike if you'd like. It's very well marked and a pretty picnic spot!