Seaman's Letterbox  LbNA # 3253

Placed DateApr 19 2003
LocationMissoula, MT
Found By Chelle & Chickadee '11
Last Found Sep 2 2012
Hike Distance?

Location: The Lewis and Clark Trail near Lolo, Montana
Planted: April 19, 2003
Planted by: Rockmover and Quiltmaker
Adopted by: FrogiNater 12/2010
Difficulty: Easy

Hey, itís so great that you are going to look for my letterbox! Iím Seaman and one of the most important and famous members of the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery. I had many adventures on our very long trip. The scariest of all was when three Indians tried to steal me. Boy did Captain Lewis ever get mad! If your hunt starts out on the Montana side of Lolo Pass you should stop and visit the Travelerís Rest State Park in Lolo. It is new this summer and has an interpretive center where you can learn more about Lewis and Clarkís journey and their encampment in Montana. We camped there on September 9, 1805 and rested for two days. On our return trip we rested and stayed from June 30 to July 3, 1806. When you get to Lolo Hot Springs you night want to refresh yourself in the springs as the members of the Corps did September 13, 1805 and again on June 29, 1806. They liked to bathe in the hot water, but I was more interested in the nice cool water of Lolo Creek. Another mile or so from Lolo Hot Springs youíll find my letterbox along Lee Creek. Oh! It might bring you good luck if you bring along a dog. They are always happy to be of help.

Directions to my letterbox: From Missoula, Montana drive south on Highway 93 for 8 miles to the small town of Lolo, Montana. Turn right onto Highway 12. You will be traveling west. Drive along Highway 12 for approximately 26 miles. At 25 miles you will pass Lolo Hot Springs on the right side of the highway. This is a beautiful drive. There are a few curves, but it follows Lolo Creek almost all the way. Drive past the hot springs for approximately 1 mile. You will see a sign for the Lee Creek Campground on the right side of the road. The Lee Creek Road is U.S. Forest Service road number 699. Turn left onto Lee Creek Road and park in the parking lot on the right side of the road. Walk up Lee Creek Road approximately 1/3 mile until you come to a small road to the right with a bridge crossing Lee Creek. Immediately after you cross the bridge walk 5 paces (if you are Rockmover, 7+ if you are Quiltmaker). On your left, you will see a large fir tree with a smaller fir tree next to it. Beside and slightly behind the small tree is a 3-foot high rotting stump. Behind the stump is a downed log. It is a short scramble up a slight hill to get to the log. Seamanís letterbox is under the log. There is a small granite rock in front of the letterbox.

Caution: There are no rattlesnakes here, but in the spring of the year there are wood ticks in the Bitterroot Mountains. They go dormant by July and are gone. Always check your body and clothes after hiking in the Bitterroot Mountains, and if you brought that dog to help, check him too.

If going in the winter- be sure to have chains/snow tires and be properly dressed. This area gets a TON of snow- and the box will be BURIED deep. Best to wait from Nov-Mar... but depends on the snow year also.