Tejas Bell  LbNA # 32537

Placed DateJun 27 2007
LocationWeches, TX
Planted ByPrincess Aurora    
Found By 3 Tall Trees
Last Found Jun 6 2009
Hike Distance?

Little evidence of Mission Tejas exists today. The buildings were burned and the bells and cannon were buried, but most of them were dug up by the Indians and the soldiers who deserted the missionaries. In 1718, three bells were recovered from the Indians. Their fate is uncertain. However, a battered and broken mission bell was found in 1843 in western Houston County. It bore the date 1690, and is known today as the Tejas Bell. The ranger said that it is now in possession of Southern Methodist University. I would like to see it someday. I am six years old and this is my second letterbox. I came to Mission Tejas State Park camping with my parents and my grandparents (and my two little brothers). Mission Tejas is a nice park, but while we were here it rained a lot. My favorite part of the park is the playground. We talked to the park rangers and they gave us permission to place our letterboxes here. My dad (Fish Tree) carved my stamp for me and I picked a good hiding spot near the playground.

Mission Tejas State Park is located in Houston County, Texas, 21 miles northeast of Crockett, near the small community of Weches. Enter the park and stop at the entry station to pay your fee and get a map. Use the map to find the playground.

To the box:
Park at the playground and let the kids play a while. When you are ready to find the box, look for the restroom building and walk to it. Standing in front of it, you'll notice a trail that leads to the main road and camping area. Take about 40 adult steps up the trail and stop. Look to your left and you will see a long log on the ground just off the trail. The end of the log is resting against a tree. For the second time, a mission bell has been buried on this land, under the log next to the tree. I put a rock on it to keep it in place. Please put the rock back so someone else can find my box. Thank you. You can find other letterboxes in this park, like Indian Trails, Nabedache, and the Pipebangers - Fraggle Rock Series.