Chillin'  LbNA # 32549

OwnerNH Cooties    
Placed DateJul 3 2007
LocationSt. Albans, ME
Found By Happy Campers in Maine
Last Found May 10 2010
Hike Distance?

Time: Drive-by
Distance: 20 feet
Difficulty: easy, easy, easy!

Directions: Make your way to the village of St. Albans, Maine. Take Rt. 43 east. Take a left on Town Landing Rd. Go to the end of the road and park.

Clue: Walk to the water and look to your right to find a small path into the woods. AS SOON as you walk into the woods look to the right and see a large dead stump. Around the back and under the rock is your prize.

Please bring a pen, for this box does not have one. Bring your bathing suit and a picnic lunch!

Make sure you visit our other box at Indian Lake Market. They have great lunches too, hint hint!