A Birthday Bash @ Hitchcock Woods  LbNA # 32572 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 3 2007
LocationAiken, SC
Planted Byvic and cc    
Found By NOLA Pride
Last Found Mar 14 2010
Hike Distance?

A Birthday Bash @ Hitchcock Woods

From the Aiken "by pass" turn on Dibble Rd.
Go 1.6 miles and park on the right side of the road, enter Hitchcock Woods.
Walk straight on the trail turn left towards Rabbit Valley.
At fork go right, cross over to the foxes den.
At the magnolia on the right make an immediate left and walk 15 steps into the woods, you are invited to a party at the stump!!!!
To find the next box, come out of the woods and follow the trail to the left.
At the fork go right and head up the hill.
Follow the trail until you come to the end and you have entered the horse training track.
Look across the track to a small trail.
Stand at the opening of the small trail with your back to the track.
Look to the right and find what remains of a stump
This is where you 2nd and final party will begin.