Moogle Mayhem  LbNA # 32580

Placed DateJul 4 2007
LocationWest Thompson, CT
Planted ByGarou    
Found By Raven1285
Last Found May 29 2014
Hike Distance?

Rated: Medium, for safety; the trail gets quite hilly and rocky at points, despite being well marked.
Length: Roughly 1 mile round trip.

Moogles are fuzzy little critters that have been a standard in the Final Fantasy video games. One of them got lost in the woods, and you'll have to find him! Bring your own ink on this one...

Start at the West Thompson Dam Campground in Thompson, Ct. Park in the boat launch area; the trail starts in the northeast corner of the boat launch. There is a post indicating the yellow trail. You will follow the yellow trail through the woods.
First you will pass a wooden bench. Take a seat and rest here, if you like - perhaps our missing moogle did, too? Then continue on your way. You will pass two very large rocks in the water on your left. The trail twists and turns, and you will come to a stone wall. The trail passes through it, and gets much rockier from here. You will continue to follow the yellow trail as it twists and turns until you come to a second stone wall. Right before the wall is a giant tree with bark that looks like it's peeling. Take a moment to face this ancient tree, and ponder how old it might be. Then take a step to your left.
Standing on the trail with the tree on your right and the wall on your left, look up the hill, which is covered in ferns if it's summer. There should be a boulder up the hill with part of another stone wall coming off it to the left. Go up the hill, and behind the wall, between wall and boulder, is the small pile of stones that hides our missing moogle's silly silhouette. Congratulations! Please rehide well.
From here, return to the trail. You can continue to explore the trails in this excellent campground area, or follow the trail back to your car.

Please do NOT pile the rocks atop the box! I think that's what caused the first one to break.