The 4 Cousins (and One Maniac)  LbNA # 32589

Placed DateJul 4 2007
LocationAlpharetta, GA
Planted By4 cousins    
Found By Party of Two
Last Found Sep 8 2013
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 14 2015

Four Cousins (and One Maniac) Letterbox

Hidden July 4, 2007 in Alpharetta, Georgia

To find our letterbox hidden just so,
To Webb Bridge Park you must go.

Park as soon as you can, and look around.
You’ll see three paths on the ground.

Choose the path where black & white balls are flying,
Our clues are great, and we’re not lying!

Proceed to the place where you’d give a salute…..pause.

Was Georgia one of the 13 original colonies?
If yes, go right. If no, stay straight.

Make the correct choice, and you will see
“200” as plain as can be.

Continue straight and pause at the gate.
To the left are swings and a water spout.
Enter the circle where trees help you hide out.

Stop for a rest, but before you go,
It’s time to remember the Alamo.

Did the Texans win the battle?
If yes, left around the sandbox you must march, if no, go straight towards the arch.

At the end of the fence, choose your fate:

Go straight or left on the path Robert Frost would take.

Take 51 steps, then spin around.
A pebble too big to throw can be found.

Look high, look low, look all around,
If you are clever, our letterbox will be found.

Please make sure to rehide the letterbox nicely and make sure that the plastic bag inside it is resealed. Happy Letterboxing!!!