Dragonfly Creek Letterbox  LbNA # 32598

Placed DateJun 27 2007
LocationDenali, AK
Planted ByMidnight Sun    
Found By mailer & the nailer
Last Found Aug 9 2008
Hike Distance?

There are many mosquitoes in this area, but only one dragonfly!!

Headed north from Denali National Park, find mile marker 242. Pull into the long pullout on the left. You should see the Dragonfly we are talking about. :)

At the north end of the pull out, you will find a path near two large "holes" left in the asphalt. Duck under the guardrail, and you are on your way to a short hike to the creek.

At the creek, take a left and hike downstream towards the Nenana River. There is not a "path", just pick your way down through the rocks and water.

Stop before you fall down the waterfall!!! You'll see the Nenana River and a railroad bridge in front of you. The mountain you are looking at is Mt. Healy.

Look to your right and find a tree that begins as one and ends as two. Climb out of the creek and look under the roots and behind a rock under this special tree. Enjoy!!

If you feel adventurous, continue hiking down the various paths that lead to great views of the beautiful waterfalls. This is a steep, rough path, and is not maintained by anyone. Please be careful!

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