Little high Little low  LbNA # 32605 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 4 2007
Locationcocoa, FL
Planted Byletterlover    
Found By SeaStar
Last Found Jul 29 2007
Hike Distance?

Little high little low is an homage to a great band, Many songs have been enjoyed over the years, many have been used in films , so enjoy the quest, and find out its a kind of magic!
To find the box you can travel north or south on the great highway 1 to find sharpes fl! to the street that isnt whites its-------- on the corner is an express station, once You are on this road travel to stop sign turn right going south, folow the beautifully winding road called Indianriver rd.This road has many beautiful old homes! enjoy the view on both sides of the road! until you reach MacFarland park which is on the left *caution entrance is steep*

Once inside park your vehichle and walk down the pier and enjoy the view! once youHave taken in as much view and oxygen as you need turn and face west and see the picnic table go sand sit down facing east , then turn 180 degrees until you see the protected tree. this treee is in honor of someone named for someone! the box is between a rock and a hard place!! Once you open it you will find its a kind of magic!