GWP Series: Texas Tea  LbNA # 32628

Placed DateMay 23 2007
LocationMidland, TX
Found By echo
Last Found Mar 16 2012
Hike Distance?

This box was planted on my behalf by Girl Scout letterboxer, my friend, Pawtrekker. Thanks Pawtrekker for getting this box into the wild!


The GWP Series is a group of boxes that were originally placed on George W Pirtle Scout Reservation, Home Sweet Home Away From Home to many East Texas scouts and scouters! The boxes were planted for the 3 Rivers District/Caddo District Dad and Lad event held in April 2007. Boys and Dads learned how to treasure hunt like letterboxers!

After the event, the boxes were retrieved and are being placed around Texas. I am leaving the Cub Scout stamps in the backs of the logbooks so that letterboxers can see the cool stamps the boys used - all unique and hand carved by boxers and scouters. I've added pages in the fronts of the logbooks for letterboxer entries.

As a "first to Re-find" prize, I've included a Cub Scout patch from my collection of patches in each box. Some of them are patches I've designed for various events, some are designed by others. Some are BSA official designs, but they are all pretty cool!


Going East on Interstate 20 at Midland take the #136 Exit which is the Rankin Hwy Exit - go North under overpass of Interstate 20 - get on the North Service Road - turn West and go approximately 1/4 of a mile to the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum.

In the large parking lot on the southwest corner of the museum, at the far south end of the parking lot, there is a display for a "National" portable Drilling Machine. The entire thing is painted blue. There are 4 large cables leading out from the drilling machine to anchor from high winds. Go to the end of the cable on the northwest corner. The letter box is in a large mesquite bush only 3 feet from where the cable is anchored into the ground. There is a loose pile of rocks covering the box. It measures approximately 85 feet from southwest corner of paved parking lot to where the anchor goes into the earth.