Sunshine Trail  LbNA # 32630 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 7 2007
LocationSycamore, IL
Planted ByJSquared    
Found By The Carols
Last Found Aug 18 2007
Hike Distance?

*****BOX MISSING!***********

You will begin your search at an intersection. The intersections are both 2-digit numbers.

To find the first intersection you will need to find the birth month and day of the actress who has played Lara Croft.

The second intersection is the title of a movie starring a famous actor who has worn a 'mask', has been called 'dumb', but was never a 'liar'.

To check your calculations; add the two, 2-digit numbers together, take that answer and and those 2 numbers together. You should get 15.

Now that you have your intersections, head East on the larger numbered road.

Keep a look out on your left for a sign on a wall. This black sign is another name for a 'rocky field'. Turn left into this entrance.

Follow the path. Turn right, where Jim meets Ali everyday.

When you approach the red octagon look ahead for the gravel drive.

Find a good spot to park. Get out and look for 'The Great Western Trail'.

Look below for your sunny surprise!

Be sure to hide again before leaving :)

**********BOX MISSING!**************