Litzenberg Logcabin  LbNA # 32666

Placed DateJul 7 2007
LocationMcComb, OH
Found By Tag-a-Long
Last Found Sep 10 2012
Hike Distance?

This box is located in Litzenberg Memorial Park approximately 5 miles west of Findlay on US 224. Park on the south end of the parking lot. You will see a shelter house. Walk through the shelter house and down the path. You should come to a Tee in the trail where there is a map of the park. As you are looking at the map, there is a wooden bridge on your left. Follow the trail over the bridge and down the hill. As this trail winds though the woods, you will come across a "Spooky Old Tree" on your right. Do you dare go into the "Spooky Old Tree"? Continue past this tree until you come to a wooden trail marker where the trail splits. Follow the brown path to your right. Approximately 25 steps from the wooden trail marker, there is a large fallen log lying parallel to the trail. Approximately 20 feet behind this log is another large fallen log lying perpendicular to the path. What you seek is hidden on top of this log. Bring your own inkpad for this letterbox. Happy Hunting!