Disney's Magic Wand  LbNA # 32667

Placed DateJul 6 2007
LocationBrazil, IN
Planted Bystagaddis    
Found By Scrapper
Last Found Aug 8 2007
Hike Distance?

Disney's Magic Wand

This is stamp in a “series” of 12. These are hidden throughout Brazil. Good Luck. Most of these stamps are on the large side, so plan accordingly

Also note that these are 'replanted'. We had them planted and were asked to move them to a new location and we finally found a new home.

Enter Forest Park from SR 59, south of Brazil. Immediately after the stop sign turn right and go to the end of this lane. Find a place to park on the left hand side. Right in front of you is the Bike/walking track.

Enter the walking track and walk to your right. Start counting the bicycles painted on the track. Stop at #13. You will see a rather large tree to the north. Disney could use the "magic wand" to fix the rather large hole on the north side of this tree. The box is sharing its home with a geocache, so please do not disturb the other occupant. Look to the left side of the hole. Hidden behind a natural "wall" , you will find Disney's Magic Wand.

After stamping in and rehiding, get back on the walking track and continue until you come to a red split rail fence near the golf course. At this point, stop and walk in the direction the sun sets to the shelter with the fireplace in the middle. Stand on the west side of the fireplace with back against fireplace. Look directly in front of you, head towards that shelter. The 2nd tree on your left holds "Wish Upon a Star"

Please rehide very carefully, and make sure the boxes are hidden from view.