Aladdin's Castle  LbNA # 32668

Placed DateJul 1 2007
Location???, MY
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Meet me in the middle of the mitt. Our carpet ride will carry you to northeastern shores. My Aladdinís Castle was built in a day during the last century. You may be tempted to search in the center of town, but you would be taking the wrong avenue. Aladdin may have been entertained for one thousand nights, but consider the king with six wives. Follow him watchfully to the townís playground.

Park near the visitorís center (admission is charged.) You will want to watch above you Ö for birds, not flying carpets, silly! Find the unpaved path near the parking lot and head to the fishing pier to catch a glimpse of swan, geese and other waterfowl. Read all the placards. Backtrack just a bit and continue clockwise around the lagoon. Donít hurry. Take a detour and check out the sandy ground. Head back to the trail and continue your adventure.

Once you find the wood duckís home at DS or D5 turn around and spy the small deerpath see-side. Go forward 14 paces, then 7 paces at 300 degrees. Make a wish, rub a genieís lamp for luck and look under the bark behind the timber lumbermen of old left behind.