If You Plant It They Will Come  LbNA # 32675

Placed DateJul 6 2007
LocationDyersville, IA
Found By Antroo
Last Found Jun 15 2010
Hike Distance?

Unfortunately, this box has been reported "Attempted" many times, and as I am now living far away, I am unable to check on it. So, I must assume that it is missing. If anyone would like to adopt this box, please let me know.

Many people have seen the movie "Field Of Dreams". Well, you can see it in real life, too! Just north of Dyersville, Iowa, lies the original farmstead where the movie was filmed. Today you can play a game of baseball, buy souvenires, even walk into the cornfield surrounding the ball diamond, like the phantom players did in the movie! Admission and parking are free.

Bring your own ink.
Level of terrain difficulty: SUPER EASY
Time required after parking: 5 minutes.

Directions: Take the Dyersville exit off Rte 20. You'll see well-marked signs which will direct you through town and a few miles north to get to the movie site.

As you approach the movie site, you'll notice that there are two lanes leading to it. Take the lane on the right, as you're facing the site, the one closer to the old red barns. Park in the lot by the barns, and explore the site! Round the bases for a homerun, then take a seat in the bleachers nearest your car to chear on your teammates. The best seat is the very front row, dead center. Reach underneath the footboard behind you, on the left side of the brace that runs under all the footboards. There will be a cement cinder block. The box is in one of the holes of the cinder block, on the left side. You might be able to see the box, if you stand behind the bleachers looking under. Be careful not to be seen unearthing the box! Re-hide with care!

"Is this Heaven... no, it's Iowa!!"